Saturday, December 9, 2017

TN Caravan pop-up event at ACE Hotel

Fall has been incredibly full for us! But we did squeeze some fun time as a part of the BK work and spent an awesome November weekend (sunny, warm, and beautiful) on the rooftop of ACE Hotel with the team of Traveler's Company from Tokyo.

It was such a big project for Traveler's Company to visit Los Angeles and New York, especially because the event was much anticipated for many many years by so many TN fans and I was glad to be a small part of the local support in Los Angeles.

Probably the biggest highlight for me was to give big hugs to all the amazing TN fans whom I got to meet through Baum-kuchen to celebrate the day. The analogue community here is incredibly warm, encouraging and passionate and I can't thank all the customers for all the support!

Oh, and of course having Satchi and Coco visit me on the last day of the event. Frido held the homefront for the weekend while I was pretty much away for the entire weekend... and I just missed them so much to be away. It was so sweet to watch them make their own spiral notebook with special papers provided by Traveler's Company and hold their proud notebooks:)

I can't wait to see what's ahead of the Traveler's Company in 2018!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Inspiration for Traveling Balloon Pants: Dola from Castle in the Sky

When we started the conversation with The Superior Labor about the idea of making the Balloon Pants together, I sent them a few thoughts about where the inspiration came from and how I imagine these pants will make the person wearing them feel like. 

The first thing I mentioned to them was Dola, a side female character from the Hayao Miyazaki animation Castle in the Sky. I watched the movie all through my childhood and never ever got tired of it. A funny connection to think about but it totally made sense to me. The dynamic lady captain of air pirate who comes across tough at the beginning but is actually incredibly kind, respectful and warm. She is a mom to her sons (who are also pirates). She is an old friend to the mechanic who works on the ship. And she becomes a friend and mentor to the young main characters, Sheetah and Pazu. 

Anyways. Long story short. She wears the balloon pants all through the film and even lends one to Sheetah. I am so excited that now I can share how it feels to be a little bit like Dola. Free-spirited. Comfortable in her skin. Powerful. Adventurous

Here are some of my favorite functional parts of the pants.
The wide volume around the legs:
I can get closer to my kids' eye-level no matter where we are, library, park or home. It doesn't matter. I can sit with them on the floor, squat down to help them pick up something or bend down to pick their bodies up as needed. I have a hard time doing that comfortably when I wear my skinny-ish jeans. And I barely wear dress or skirts for the reason. 

Also, let's not forget how it doesn't cut circulation of the legs when we are on the airplane. A huge plus!  

Being able to adjust the height of pants' hem:
Because the hem of the pants has elastic, I can pull up the bottom of the pants right below my knee. It comes super handy when I am at the beach and decide to splash some water at the shallow side. I also like having the bottom of the pants up when it's hot! 

Big pockets:
This seems like such a simple thing but these side pockets hold so many things in the day-to-day. My phone usually fits there and I never have to worry about it falling out of the pocket. Often keys, as well as Coco's nature finds like rocks, etc. can be found in my pockets. 

I machine wash my pants regularly. I try to air dry it instead of having it go through the dryer but it has been accidentally machine dried as well. My sample version of the balloon pants is holding up super well!  

I can match the pants with just about anything:
I wear it with T-shirt, a cashmere sweater, a bomber jacket. Just about anything. And literally, I wear it every day. 

I can go on and on about how much I adore this pants... and I can't wait to receive the very first sets of production pants from The Superior Labor soon! We are also making a sample of a petite size! Let me know if you are interested in the size via email so I can get in touch with you when we start taking pre-order for petite:)


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