Thursday, April 24, 2014

drift wood + white interior... zakka shop 2cozo

I love that we can always look for inspiration for Baum-kuchen while we are on the road. It could be a shop, a vignette, a color & material palette... or a concept. 

Since our last visit in 2012, a few new shops and restaurants opened and we are definitely on the lookout! This afternoon we stopped by a very petite "zakka" shop 2cozo (you read it as "nikozo"). Their little space is filled with (also) petite accessories, key chains, a little characters... and a lot of drift woods. 

Everything in their shop is handmade (made in the back of the shop) that uses found objects sourced on the island... and everything seemed to have a special story. It reminded me that how small a "store" can be to exist as a store and going outside of the box (or inside of a tiny box) can be so inspiring. 

Being together...

While we are shaking off our jet lag, we are taking a full advantage of the early mornings. Yesterday we woke up at 4am... and this morning at 5am. I suppose it is going to take few more days to fully adjust our day/night orientation.

Yesterday morning... after putting Coco back to sleep at 5am after waking up with both girls at 4am, Satchi and I decided to stay up to watch the sunrise. We have no where to go... really... so why not, right? We took a (super) early morning walk around the neighborhood, watched the sky get brighter and brighter... then the orange sun come out of the horizon... getting brighter and brighter. It was quiet with a sound of waves..., chilly and fresh. The first sun we saw since we have arrived to the island... after few days of constant rain 

It was breath taking... that Satchi stopped in the middle of it and told me that she had to go inside of the house to get a pen and paper so she could draw the sun. I loved the moment...

Traveling in a relaxed pace has been great in re-connecting with the family. We are always together without needing to leave the girls to go somewhere. It makes me realized that even though we try to slow down and focus..., we do live in a quite fast paced life in LA... and this travel has been a nice change. 

Adventure continues... 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let the creative process... begin

The difference between a person who is creative and who is not...? The person who is creative just starts creating.

Taking the philosophy seriously..., we turned one pouring rainy day on the island into a beginning of creative journey. A giant dining table in the kitchen is accommodating not only our homemade meals but also bits and pieces of everyone's projects.  Satchi is busy writing her letters on one side of the table, I am journaling whenever I find downtime... and Frido is designing artifacts using Yakusugi (1000+ years old cedar on the island).

To be able to focus on creating and generating ideas... without having constant distraction is such a treat. It feels that the ideas that come from this process is fundamentally different from the others. They feel more open... So we will see where we are at in 3 weeks when we leave the island. Hopefully with a lot to brig home.

For now... I am catching an early snooze since girls keep waking up in very early hours...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Settling in...

Day 1: settling in...

There is something so nice about staying (and living) in one location while we are traveling - there is no rush... Instead of needing to see tourist sights on our first day of the island, we just took it easy and settled in. Making late breakfast (after waking up between 2:30am-4:30am with the girls), doing grocery shopping to get some essentials (like fresh sashimi for dinner!), doing laundry and orienting ourselves in our new home away home. Finding new rhythm of life... and tracing old routines we had while we were here before. 

We have limited online access while we are traveling and it has already been really liberating. I believe when there is little distraction from the outside world, we simply generate more from inside. Frido and I have been brainstorming a lot on his on-site design project (using Yakusugi, 1000+ years old cedar from the island), spending a lot of time with girls playing and sharing our thoughts about the travel so far, and taking the experience of being here through all senses.  

We also took a quick tour of my grandfather's shed looking for some wood related tools that we can use for Frido's Yakusugi project. It's amazing to (once again) be with his belongings that he left behind. Neatly organized tools, nails and screws in all kinds of sizes, scrap materials he saved for future usage... 

Please keep your fingers crossed that everyone sleeps through bit longer tonight... 

24 hours of transit to Yakushima island, Japan.

I am happy to report that we have safely arrived to our home away home... Yakushima island in Japan yesterday morning after traveling exactly 24 hours... door to door. It involved 3 airplane rides (the last one being a bumpy ride on a tiny little propeller airplane for 30 minutes), some worrying faces from flight attendants (concerning Coco crying so wildly at some time between hour 15-20), 4am arrival at Haneda airport where there was no one...

But all is well.

It feels incredibly "home" here and it's a wild feeling. The distinct sweet smell of flowers and lush greens at the moment we stepped out of the airplane in the rain... the ride through the country side on one road that goes around the island, a red dome house my grandfather built years ago and lived until he passed away few years ago. It's like nothing changed but everything has changed. We are incredibly fortunate to be here and I can't thank everyone who has been involved to make this trip happen.

Just thankful...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Archiving the treasure from 2013...

Right around the same time... every year... I gather all the treasure from the past year and create a collage of memory... things I want to remember. I used to make a jar for each year but since last year... I switched a gear and have decided to archive them in a more accessible format using MIDORI Bee Notebook.

This process really helps me to organize little artifacts that are too precious to let go... but don't have a permanent locations... you know... things that tend to collect in little corners of the house (everywhere). I am thankful that this notebook gives just enough so it can accommodate slightly three dimensional things like hospital tags from Coco's birth, etc...

Since the notebook gets so "full" after putting everything inside, I usually like to put a secure closure. Last year I made a make shift string and button closure but this year... I was able to use MIDORI eyelet and string sticker to make sure nothing falls out of the notebook. (thank you MIDORI... for making my life easier and simpler).

I like giving each page (an envelope with a window to be exact) a little theme. A page about welcoming Coco in our life (that was a big one in 2013...), our travel, a page about sisterhood, opening the shop... I write a few things around the window on each page to remember why certain artifacts made it to the page with a hope that our girls will someday look back and sense our life in a tangible way.

2013... you were good to us.

In case you are interested, here is a list of tools I used:
MIDORI Bee spiral notebook
Brass alphabet bookmark
Brass number bookmark
MIDORI eyelet and string sticker
mt masking tape
Label sticker / cream
Brass pen


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