Friday, February 9, 2018

Take more adventures // San Pedro Tide Pools

This year, our family's word of inspiration is "Adventure". We picked the word with a hope that we will take more chances to go on adventures near and far as a family. To try something new without overanalyzing too much and to enjoy the ride together.

Los Angeles is such a metropolitan area that comes with all the convenience of a big city yet outskirts of the city can bring pretty wild adventures. We often go to Millard Canyon in Altadena for a short hike and Annenberg has become a go-to place for a beach fun. 

When we had a day to ourselves last week, we wanted to try something new for a change and we decided to check out the Cabrillo Beach Tide Pools in San Pedro. When we got to the area, we stopped at a nearby diner "Lighthouse Cafe" for a fuel. It was mid-day on Friday so it wasn't crowded and we adored the neighborhood diner vibe. And when you step out of the diner, you can see a lighthouse straight into the distance through the street. We looked up the tide here but to our surprise, low tide on the day came 2 hours after the scheduled time and it took us by a bit of surprise when we arrived at the tide pools which were still pretty full. We got to play at the beach while watching the tide and it was lovely. When low tide finally came around, girls were ecstatic to peek into each tide pool looking for little sea creatures. They were also so fascinated by all the rocks there since we are learning rocks and minerals at home and got to collect some sedimentary rocks to add to our growing rock collection. 

From Pasadena area, beach feels little distant to casually visit for a stroll (if you know the LA traffic, you know what I am talking about! That 30 miles drive can take us hours!!!) but I am glad we are able to still squeeze some ocean breeze while weather continues to stay warm in the area!!

What kind of adventures are you taking in 2018?? 


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