Sunday, August 31, 2014

Treasure hunting at Hamburg flea market!

Our weekend was all about flea market! I can't believe how amazing European flea market can be. It's really like a treasure hunting. I was mainly looking since Coco was with me in Ergobaby... but Frido picked up a few beautiful vintage artifacts. I can't wait to share them at Baum-kuchen shop as a part of our display!

I would say that if you want to see the world, go to the local flea market:)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Coco... you are almost 15 month with a huge growth leap!

I love traveling with the whole family... (even though sometimes it does bring some challenging moments). Since Frido and I both work and away from home a part of the day during the week, traveling is really the only time when we get to see the girls 24/7... and witness their growth in the moment.

This afternoon I had a few quiet hours just with Coco. How much she has grown since we arrived to Germany last week blows my mind. Seriously... She walks through the park confidently, her love and admiration for animals continues to grow, and she is just so curious about the world. Her independent (of course) comes with a lot of stubbornness and strong cry and I have to sometimes remind myself that I really have no where to go and I can wait for her to finish what she is doing before we pick her up. I also sometimes let her cry and be until she finds herself again... letting her know that I would be waiting for her in the other room.

Today I noticed a few big changes.

She has always smiled before but now she smiles as a way to "share" her feeling instead of a reactive smile to what is happening around her. My heart as a mother feels very full to receive her smile.

She also started to really enjoy looking books together. If I am sitting on the couch, she would bring a book to me and ask to sit next to me... then we cuddle and flip through the book looking at pictures. It might be one of my favorite activity with her. It's so sweet.

Coco, keep growing:)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shop inspiration: "Property Of..."

We always enjoy finding new shops whenever we travel. It's so inspiring to be in the space where experience is curated with a specific point of view. Jasmine, one of our customer in Hamburg, recommended us to check out "Property Of..." a new shop that just opened in the city few weeks ago. So we decided to take a family trip to Hamburg downtown.

Patrick, a partner of Property Of... was very kind to offer a cup of delicious coffee for us at the shop as well as spend some time to chat. I love their "no brand" philosophy because (in Patrick's words), the product they create belongs to the people who use them.

And a great news to our Hamburg and Amsterdam customers! They carry some of the MIDORI items (including Traveler's Notebook) in their in-store shops! So if you are in town, definitely check them out.

Aside from a great set of coffee making tools and design bags, they have leather press machine in store. They can emboss your initial (or up to 3 letters) on a custom leather tag AND on your Traveler's Notebook if you bring it in.  So fun, right?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sunny day... a beach day.

The warmest day of the month? Sure. We will take it:)

Especially at the Elbe beach with a lovely company. Sandy beach, water, few sand toys and ice cream in between... is all kids need to spend hours playing. 

I am wearing my Black Crane Balloon Jumper everywhere this summer and it has not disappointed me during this Germany trip. The outfit is extremely comfortable and easy to move (which is so important when we are with little ones). The silhouette is so distinct and different that I feel like I can wear it anywhere because it does not fit into the conventional clothe rule. It's one clothes I have in my closet that I get asked frequently where I got it from.  So now you know:) I am sure that there will be more pictures from Germany with me wearing it since I have so few outfits in the suitcase! 


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