Saturday, June 15, 2013

Welcoming the newest family member of Baum-kuchen!

I am so excited to share our happy news!
Our daughter Coco has joined us 10+ days ago. I could not have asked more from our birthing experience through c-section operation... Coco is growing healthy (we were so relieved when she passed the first critical days...) and I am recovering smoothly from the operation. I am looking forward to shareing our birth experience in some other post in the future.

I have been nurturing, meditating, catching up with sleep whenever I can, juggling between my two daughters who are both dear to my heart... and simply breathing life in. 

The photo sums up my last 10+ days.

LIFE Notebook I used to capture everything anything that went through my mind during our critical days, TN Charm turned into a bracelet which helped me to stay focused when things got little rougher, one of few Polaroid baby photos we took in last 10 days, Snake Year Birth Block by Stacy Wong and a name tag designed by our friend Christine!




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