Monday, July 28, 2014

Creative Career Night at ACCD | July 30th

I will be speaking at Art Center College of Design on Wednesday evening (July 30th) about Creative Career. The event is all about how Art Center alumni have used the design skills to craft unique career in creative fields. 

I have finished tweaking my visuals last night and have been practicing my presentation. Even though my line of work at Baum-kuchen is all about sharing... I am not a big public speaking figure. So... naturally... I am having a healthy dose of nervous bugs right now. I am channeling my thoughts to share inspiration, dreams and hopes instead of thinking about "giving presentation". 

Here is a list of speakers:
Bryce Shawcross [Graphic Designer, Tesla Motors] 
Demetrius May [Founder, Run For Cover]  
Wakako Takagi [Co-Founder, Baum-Kuchen]

If you are interested in attending the event, you can get details from the below flier and can RSVP through this link. The event organizer told us that there are quite bit of interests in the event and they have moved the event to the biggest auditorium they have on campus. 

Wish me luck:) 


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