Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Everything happens for a reason... and much deep love to our friend Marty Smith.

Everything happens for a reason... 

Does it really?
This was a question I have asked many many many times for last few weeks. 

We lost our good friend Marty Smith on April 7th. It was unexpected and tragic loss that could have been avoided . (here is the official announcement from Art Center.) He was our Department Chair when I went through Art Center... but over many years he has become more than the person who was in charge of the design department... and has become a true friend for Frido and our family. I loved his warm smile, his humor... and his gracefulness in life. 

I had been feeling stuck for a few weeks after incident happened. Loss is hard. It's undeniable that losing a friend really really sucks... 

And why?? Stickers Frido has been designing for last 4 months arrived the day after Marty passed away. It was a design I looked forward to seeing in person so we could add the message to our cover of Traveler's Notebook refill as a reminder and as an inspiration. But when I saw it in person... when the stickers finally arrived, I seriously asked myself "does it really??" 

In Japanese culture... (and probably many more Eastern cultures), we believe that the fact that our life begins and ends is one of the biggest factor of what makes our very life more beautiful. The impermanence... the imperfection, the fragility. But why are things that make our life beautiful is so painful at the same time??

It's easy to believe "everything happens for a reason" when things are going well, isn't it?

My friend I met at Art Center years ago reminded me yesterday how incredible Marty's lifelong ripple effect has been... how he has connected all of us together. And she and I have never met if not for Marty.

Today. I am still processing. And I am constantly reminding myself that I do not have to rush through the process. Healing takes time... And today I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I just know that not "everything" is pain free, sunshine lit, and rainbow colored in life... some part of "everything" is plain simple terrible. But I believe in believing that only truth in life is "everything happens for a reason".

Marty, we love you and miss you so much everyday... all the ripples you created will always be a part of our ripples in life. RIP. 

with all my heart,


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