Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dear Satchi & Coco

When I was a little person, I had this notebook that traveled between me and my friend. The exchange journal... We wrote to each other as if we were writing letters... but words stayed in the notebook instead of being loose papers. It was so special.

The other day, I gave Coco a little letter on a loose paper and her smile was priceless... so I thought I really should be doing this more often.

I dug out my special Traveler's Notebooks (which I kept in the safe spot!!) and declared that I will dedicate each notebook to Satchi and Coco. Kids have seen us using Traveler's Notebook for so many years... and have asked me if they could have their own someday. So their faces lit up when they held these notebooks. I told them that we can use it together.

So now a new ritual has begun. I have been taking few minutes each night to jot down some words on each notebook... reminding them how much I love them and how important they are in my life. They wake up in the morning and read the letter from the night before.

I am hoping that we will continue...
Because really... our girls can never hear enough "I love you" from me and Frido.


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