Monday, July 24, 2017

BK on the Road / Trailer Camping at San Clemente State Park

Last month we tried a new way of traveling - staying in a vintage trailer at a beach campsite in San Clemente! There is something about the idea of a small space living in a tiny trailer.

It was empowering to know that we could be content with the trailer space for a few days. We could go "inside" to sleep after we finished with our campfire. It was a relief to load only the essentials and food to grill in our family car to get there especially because we traveled in the mid-week right after our work. No tent, sleeping bags, towels, big ice chest...

You can be visiting Los Angeles from another country. Rent a car at the airport, pick up some food to grill and drive to this campsite trailer. You will have everything you need!

We still experienced a lot of "camping" vibe during the 2 nights we stayed. 4 trailers that were available for rent were located in the middle of the San Clemente State Park Campsite and we used all the campground amenities like showers and restrooms as well as the amazing beach access within the campsite.

To me... the best gift each travel brings has been about the togetherness. We as a family of 4 are together undivided in one space. We explored the inside and outside of the trailer. We watched the thick marine layer cloud move towards us from the sea. We played and played more at the beach. Frido taught Satchi how to build the campfire then we totally wrapped ourselves in a campfire smoke while watching the stars appear and disappear between the marine layer. Dynamic of 4 people being together requires patience even though we are a family. So much of that is about character building for all of us and I know that we all grew through it.

Here are some pics to sum up our weekend!
Summer continues:)


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