Monday, September 4, 2017

The power of travel... and our pics from Hamburg

It's almost surreal to be away from home for so long. This Thursday... when we finally get back to our home in Los Angeles will mark our 3 weeks time period since we left. Time is a strange thing. It feels like forever since we left. Then it feels like yesterday when we got on the airplane to head to Michigan.

Since our beautiful stay in Michigan with our friends, Susan & Kent, we have traveled to Hamburg, Germany to spend time with Frido's family for a week and now I am writing this in Theoule-sur-Mer in France.

One thing for sure is that travel tends to change our life perspective in the way we have never expected or planned. It has the power to open the flood gate for life. And that's why we believe in traveling... small and big. I know that without travel, Baum-kuchen will not be where we are at today and so as our family.

So we keep traveling.

For now..., here are some highlights from our Hamburg moments. I am glad that we spent a lot of time with our family and Frido and I got to do some product research on the ground while Satchi and Coco spent their special time with their Omi and Opi:)



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