Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wrapping up with our BK Travel with Naoshima Art Island

Our last stop in Okayama was the art island "Naoshima". When we visited this very special island last year with Satchi and Coco, both Frido and I were blown away by how impactful "experiencing the art" could be to us.

This time around, being there was just as magical... but in a really different way. I was inspired by the power of a "place" and travel. Various art pieces that were exhibited on Naoshima Island left me such an impression a year ago. Experiencing it again brought back such a vivid memory yet this time I experienced it more objectively. It was like revisiting the moments as a third person with the ability to be able to see more unobvious... things I might have missed last time and also to be more aware of the feelings I might have had back then. 

I also really appreciated that this island was local yet very international. Eunice and I encountered a lot of different art visitors from all over the world. Yet we also noticed that people who were native to the island seemed to be very present and beyond kind as we explored. We arrived on Monday when most of the museums were closed and the entire island felt like it was closed. We looked up one restaurant that was supposed to be opened only to find out that it was closed for the day when we got there. Eunice and I were walking around the neighborhood that felt a little bit like a ghost village trying to figure out the dinner plan when a local grandpa found us and offered to help find some kind of food we could take home. He first walked us to the neighborhood market only to find it completely sold out then drove us to the nearest convenient store so we could purchase the Bento for dinner. We were beyond thankful. I know stories like this will stay with us for many many years. 

I also very much enjoyed walking on the beach and having some quiet time to myself. Reflecting and writing down whatever came to my mind. To me... those quiet moments away from our everyday routines are the most impactful part of the travel. 

After our stay in Naoshima, we took a ferry ride back home to enjoy one last day in the city of Okayama and treated ourselves to the "real" Japanese lunch with Kaiseki course and a good round of coffee while doing some BK research at Loft in Okayama city! 

I am so glad that Eunice was able to trek with me on this adventure and so wished that Nerine were able to come with us too. (She had to cancel the trip in last minute for the family matter). 

We are also so thankful to be able to continue sharing big and small adventure with you. I hope these stories stir some thoughts and ideas for your future adventure! 



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