Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bringing more LIFE into my Jibun Techo

The other day, my girls were painting at the dining table so I joined in with my Jibun Techo.

One of my wish for this year on my analogue adventure is to bring more life into my planner pages. The idea was inspired after reading Trina's recent story, "Planting the Seeds for Rich Relationships". Yes. My Jibun Techo is truly functional and it helps me to stay productive and organized. But that shouldn't mean that my every day on the page should look like a bunch of lists when I reflect. 

So every night when I sit down to write letters to Satchi and Coco, I try to add something from the day on the Jibun page. Maybe a quote that inspired. Maybe a sponteneous dinner outing that wasn't written down as a "plan" but it happened and was fun. 

And so when Satchi and Coco brought out the watercolor set to the table, I dabbed little bit of colors to the space left from previous days and also filled Frido's birthday with a rainbow. 

It's our life. Let's make it beautiful. 


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