Tuesday, June 19, 2018

BK on the Road: Transiting through Shizuoka

Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan! We have left our Los Angeles home for the next 2.5-month life away from home.

Our first stop: Japan! We arrived in Tokyo yesterday and have been on the transit from Tokyo to Shizuoka where my family is originally from. 12 hours flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo went as smoothly as I could wish for. It's amazing to see the growth in both girls compared to a year or two ago. 5 & 8 is such a good age to travel!

We made this extra leg of the trip to Shizuoka to visit my grandmother. It has been 6 years since I saw her last time and Coco's first time meeting her. I am thankful that the stars aligned this time for this visit. Even though girls live so far away from my grandmother and don't really speak the same language with her, my mom told me that their reunion brought a lot of joy to my grandmother. It was an afternoon that was really meaningful to all of us.

We are transiting again today to Izu, another part of Shizuoka. The weather forecast is downpour rain all day so we shall see how things go. (You know us from Los Angeles don't really know how to handle rain...) We are traveling as light as possible with what we minimally need. I have made a collection page on our website with the BK artifacts that are accompanying our adventure. You can find the link here if you are interested!


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