Sunday, January 30, 2011

another shop inspiration: Society of the Spectacle

I got a new pair of prescription glasses as a birthday/Christmas/New Year gift after spending last 15 years with my (not very savvy) glasses I have been wearing since I was in highschool. (gulp...) During my "next eye-wear hunt", a friend recommended me to visit this boutique shop, Society of the Spectacle.

If I have walked into the store without my prior knowledge,  I would have never guessed that they sold glasses. The store interior and its details were so untypical in a such an unexpected way!

Antique letterpress cabinet to store/display hand crafted frames from all over the world... typewriter displayed on the mirror table... They had so much to see (aside from their awesome eye-wears)!

Their service was amazing too. The person who helped me spent more than an hour helping me try all these glasses. She was so thorough with the search... I think I gave up on finding the perfect fit before she did. I ended up purchasing this beautiful glasses ... designed in Southern California and handcrafted in Japan. Yes. With a touch of pink in the inner frame.

I absolutely LOVE my new pair! You might even see me walking on the street with this hip glasses here and then!
Societ of the SpectacleSociet of the SpectacleSociet of the SpectacleSociet of the SpectacleSociet of the Spectacle


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