Sunday, January 16, 2011

we're HOME!

Happily and safely... our family of three has come home a few days ago. We calculated that our travel duration was almost 24 hours with morning traffic in Paris, a connection at Munich airport, 12 hours flight from Munich-LAX and the last leg of drive back to my parents' house.

Somehow..., we survived it all with a great sense of humor and uplifting attitudes. I would have to say that traveling with a baby did get easier and easier. Now we're home, we are dealing with a baby jet lag which seems away harder than actual travel. But I know time will pass and everything will be all right again.

We spent a night at my parents' house before we finally drove to our home... and here is a pic from our breakfast. "Ozoni"a traditional Japanese dish for New Year. My mom has been waiting to make this dish for us... Yes. We're so spoiled.

Well... now we're home in warm, sunny and bright Los Angeles, baum-kuchen shop is opened with a full throttle and I will be following up with a few shop updates as well as the last round of stories from our Euro travel in a next few days.

Stay tuned!!!
new year's food


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