Monday, January 14, 2013

Last seven days...

Okay... I sometimes take more photos with my iPhone (and Instagram... of course) than my regular camera these days. So I thought it might be good to do a quick review of the week by picking my favorite 10 (or eleven...) photos from the past seven days on Monday (or Tuesday) and share a glimpse of our life here in LA.

So last seven days...

  • We started our week with Frido's birthday.
  • Finally started our new craft night tradition. We don't know how frequent these nights are going to happen but we are surely excited to have the first one kicked off;)
  • It has been hot... then super cold!!! With this changing weather... comes cold and flu. All of us got little sick throughout the week and we are finally getting better.
  • My friend Penelope gave me this book, "Bringing Up Bebe" It was nice to have a cozy reading time on Sunday... I love that there is no really a right or wrong way of parenting.

Let's see what next seven days might bring to our life:)


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