Thursday, January 31, 2013

Through time and space...

For last several years it has become our mission to slowly say good-byes to our IKEA furniture that feels like left overs from our roommate days. It has been a slow but very thought provoking transition to craft home and space that feels like "us".

At the end... we want every single item we pick up in our hand... either from our living room, Roo's room or kitchen to be something special with unique stories we can share.

So the arrival of the 50 year old vintage piano marked a huge high for us.

Story goes...

Once it belonged to my grandmother in Japan who gave it to my aunt (my father's younger sister) who passed it on to my parents when I was around five or six. This is the piano I learned how to play music all through my childhood and teenage years. 

It's hard to believe that my parents decided to bring this along when we relocated from Japan to the States... eighteen years ago and I am really thankful for that. For last few years my dad had been asking me if we wanted to take it home but I just wasn't sure since we didn't have a lot of space in our house... so it sat in a warehouse for a good half decade. 

Now our Roo can sing one whole song by herself (Totoro song in Japanese is her absolute favorite), we reconsidered our space and life... and thought "what if"?? and we were so lucky that my dad still had it even with little dust and scratches here and there. After a bit of figuring out the moving logistics and relocating our furniture, it has arrived to our house last week!

I originally thought it would feel massive and overwhelming in our small space...; on the contrary, it grounds our house. Roo has been playing some form of musical (or not so much musical) tunes just about everyday. It's lovely to witness her discover sounds of her own. Maybe someday she will take this piano with her to her own home. Maybe someday... but for now we will have years of playing piano together ahead of us:)

It's so amazing to witness an artifact travel time and space like it has its own life. Everything happens for a reason...

p.s. as a process, we consolidated and cleaned up two more IKEA furniture..., win-win for everyone:) 


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