Monday, March 3, 2014

9 months of adventure!

It has been a quite busy few weeks... but I am happy that I have squeezed some time (and energy) tonight to share our 9 month milestone with Coco!

She is currently fighting her baby cold so I couldn't be Japanese enough to pull out a camera today but here is what sums up our life right now (a photo from a few weeks ago).

These two...

Their personalities can not be more different... but they SURE love each other.

Coco is now definitely moving!!! She has her unique way of (sort of) crawling and she gets to where she wants/needs to be by herself. She is probably most excited to crawl towards Shep... She loves him. And a family of Indian elephants mobile in the girls' room. They sure bring smile to her cheeky face every single time!

If I could, I would love to just cuddle with her all day... :)


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