Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tracking... with Bullet Journal

Have you heard of the analogue journal system called Bullet Journal developed by a designer Ryder Carroll? One of my customer shared the system with me (thank you so much, Maggie!!) last year and I have been bit obsessed over it lately.

The video on Bullet Journal website was very easy to grasp... so when I first watched it, I was hooked to the idea. Beginning of this year I started incorporating the system into my day-to-day operation of life. But I had hard time taking my journal everywhere... It always seemed to separate from me (and from my wallet and phone)... when I transferred the essentials from the work bag (aka The Superior Labor Engineer Bag) to a diaper bag. So I felt less equipped when something needed to be jot down when I was with the girls along with our compact diaper bag.

Finally I stumbled upon a good solution! Combining my Bullet Journal with a MD Canvas Bag so I can carry my journal notebook, wallet, phone and a pen (literally) everywhere I go. When I take my MD Canvas Bag out at check-out counters, everyone looks at the bag, admires the quality of the canvas and asks me where I got it from... so I thought I would share some pics here:)

I combined my A5 size notebook with Traveler's Notebook monthly calendar refill by binding them together with a clip so I can manage future plans while tracking day-to-day happening on the A5 size journal. I need to find a better way to bind these notebooks together in the future... but it works for now. One of my favorite part of the Bullet Journal is... that it's a combination of task list with a journaling system. To me it feels more inspiring to devote a writing habit for journaling... than making a list of to-dos. So the system that allows for both purposes to share the analogue space together is a nice way to de-clutter what could end up being multiple notebooks lying around everywhere in the house or in my bags!

I have been writing tasks that need to be done, events that happen on the day and thoughts that come across my mind randomly as a part daily bullets. But when I have bigger thoughts I want to capture... I just write on the next open page. I am using Brass Index Clip to mark the most frequent page like the current date and month... and using Book Darts for pages that need to be revisited. Book Darts are much thinner so it doesn't make the notebook thicker even though I use a lot of them on many pages. I also stitched "everything happens for a reason" charm with a red string as a constant reminder to be thankful for what is in the present...

I am curious to see how the system evolves as I continue to add more pages to it. I will make sure to share when I get there!


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