Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A day full of adventures.

After few gloomy days, sun and summer came back this morning to Hamburg! It happened to be that we were planning to visit Frido's old friend in the new harbor city of Hamburg... so we took the opportunity to do a little ferry ride through the harbor.

The day was full of adventures. Being on the boat, seeing the harbor from the water, walking through the new and old part of the city, eating amazing street food on a cobble street alley... then more boat ride back to our neighborhood, a boat cafe... then spending the end of the day at a beautiful beach... being with the girls.

I have noticed that my health has been so much better for last few days. My allergy has been bothering me less and I am walking tons everyday (but also eating amazing food to counterpart the output). I can't help to wonder if the overall improvement of my wellness is related to how much more relaxed I am here. Of course life is not all about vacation and taking a break from the real world... but I would like to take this as an opportunity to re-calibrate how/what we do at home when we are back in Los Angeles this weekend...

because life is about the spectrum of the  photo worthy moments and ordinary everyday things... and everything between.


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