Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baum-kuchen brick and mortar shop / REFRESH!

We have been wanting to update the shop layout at our Glassell Park brick and mortar and I am so thrilled that we finally found some time to tackle the project on Friday!

I started with taking literally everything off the shelf on Friday morning... It's the best way to make sure that it is actually a "change" instead of a small update. 

First I relocated my work corner from the side of the entrance door to the little nook which is adjacent to our back room. It made more sense since I am constantly going back and fourth between these two spaces and my desk has been looking pretty messy lately. I now work standing (have you read benefit of standing desk??) on my vintage Japanese Tansu if I have to be on my laptop or on my work bench. I love that it's all tacked in one corner. 

The move of my work desk really opened up the front side of our shop space. I managed to place another really large work table on wheels (thank you Frido for bringing this from our garage).  We also decked out a little corner near the door to be a station for our customers to play with the collection of analogue tools including stamps, embosser, stencil and make their notebooks extra special. 

A big work table on wheels currently hosts a series of The Superior Labor items, mt masking tapes as well as Paper Twines. It's a fun corner where it feels like a perfect combination of analogue tools and travel. (two of our favorite topics!) We also have a whole new collection from Aika Felt Works and much anticipated Roterfaden notebooks (imagine... a versatility and longevity of Traveler's Notebook meets German Bauhaus!).  These two collections will be added to our website soon but they are available in our shop as of today. 

A lot is happening here in the shop and I am glad we continue to evolve as we grow. 

Come visit soon:) 


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