Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cookie and milk at Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar / Pasadena

I have been rather quiet in this space... No big reason... just really crazy busy with life at home and Baum-kuchen. Before we had kids, we had an illusive idea that parenting gets somewhat easier over time and I am realizing that it is NOT true at all. In fact... working with Coco sometimes feels much easier than Satchi. She is at the age that deals with a complexity of big feelings. Every part of the growing up process is important... but 4-5 year old growth sprout feels especially critical to build a good connection and relationship within the family. As parents we listen, we inquire and we play with our kids to deconstruct what's happening in all parts of their lives so that we could support and be there with them and for them when they need us. It's not a rocket science but it's also not easy. After all... Frido and I are both learning to grow as parents as we go.

To spend more time together and have chance to connect, Satchi and I have picked up some bike riding in the city. I never knew that we could ride 3 miles with 4 years old... but she is quite motivated especially for a cup of milk & cookie at Lavender & Honey, a sweet coffee shop that opened on the Altadena side of Pasadena a while ago. Okay. I admit... I love their latte and toast too. Some random conversations happen during the 3 miles and over our coffee/milk afterward. Some things she talks about are mundane and few things surprised me and led me to take some proactive actions to guide her.

We are in this for a long run...


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