Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life happens after we make a plan / ACE Hotel in Palm Springs

Sometimes life happens after we make a plan and that's exactly what happened last weekend. Initially we were planning to go camping (gramping... to be precise) to the north of Santa Barbara but happily ended up at ACE Hotel in Palm Springs with everyone (including Shep!)

We loved the weekday ACE Hotel vibe! It was so chill compared to the weekend when there are a lot of weddings and events that happen there (and a big party crowd that comes with it). We stayed at their room with a patio / fireplace. It was great for both Shep and our two little ones... going back and fourth between inside and outside and playing with Shep's water bowl (of course). It was one of the easiest trip we have taken recently. We literally packed our stuff in Aika's felt basket (soon to come to our shop) and drove 1.5 hours. We played at a nearly empty pool for a few hours, had a nice drink in our patio then headed to eat dinner at King's Highway. Next morning we woke up, grabbed some bagle and coffee at neighboring coffee shop then played more in (yet again) an empty pool.

ACE was a great source of branding inspiration. I love their subtle messaging you can discover here and there and they change things up quite a bit! So there is always more to discover even you stay there for the second and third time.

I really needed this time away since I have felt a bit of weight that was accumulating on my shoulder last few weeks. I took a little nap on our drive up to Palm Springs and when I woke up on the passenger seat, I was already feeling so much lighter. It was a bit of awe moment for me... to realize how much I was carrying on me and within me.

I do think and wonder if I ever need to change up my working habits.. But then I just know that it's not my style to be all meditated and calm. I am more of an obsessive compulsive... the crazy one who gets really into things and would do the ONE THING until the heart can't pour more. Then to switch things up by travel, a change of scenery and an injection of a fresh inspiration.

cheers to the 24 hour getaway!



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