Monday, May 18, 2015

Coming back and finding rhythm in our routines...

Who would have thought coming back home to our daily routines can be such a roller coaster... but it has been for us for this past week. It peaked with Coco getting sick this past weekend... (crossing my fingers that she is on the path for happy recovery now)

Shortly after we got back, I often woke thinking that I was still on the island in my grandfather's wooden dome house. Has that ever happened to you before?? I think it's quite disorienting. I felt like my mind was somewhere between Yakushima and LA... traveling and floating back and fourth not knowing where to go. 

At some point... I think I told myself that I needed to ground myself and focus to be in Los Angeles now because this is our home. So that's what I am doing. Building home to be home again. 

I am still yet to go through all the photos we have taken towards the end of our trip. So I will slowly work backwards to edit and share our highlights starting with our family transit pictures between Yakushima-LAX. Little ones traveled very well on airplanes all things considered. So cheers to that:) 


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