Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TN Blue... in stock and already out

Post travel is always bit crazy... between helping the family get readjusted to the daily routine and playing a huge catch up for the shop. Oh and let's not forget jet lag. I don't think I have slept much in last few days since we got back from Japan.

Well... life goes on and so as Baum-kuchen.

While we were away, we received the very first inventory of TN blue items. Since these are limited edition items, we started taking pre-order in March when we knew the expected delivery time and quantity. They were sold out very very quickly even though the delivery date was few months away... So when we received these new inventory from MIDORI last week, Nerine got to work and started shipping them as much as she could while keeping up with the new orders... but there were still quite bit of pending orders yesterday when I got back to the studio for the first time after 3 weeks. Today I told myself that I would not leave the studio until I ship them all. I don't think I ever shipped as many packages as I did today. I love the process of wrapping items and preparing the packages... even after 5 years of doing. The process takes time because we want each one of the package to have a soul and bring something little more than items themselves when they are unveiled. Today I sat quietly in the backroom and wrapped and wrapped hours after hours... and it was such a great reminder how much I love doing this and how lucky we are to be in the business of delivering something so special. I got to most of the pre-order packages; though, there are a handful still left. I am hoping that we will get to all the pending orders by the end of this week. So if you were the lucky ones who got to put your fingers on the first pre-order of TN blue items, I hope you enjoy them! If you are interested in getting TN blue items that are currently sold out, please send us an email ( so we can send you a notification email when pre-order status becomes available again. We will raech out to you as soon as we have confirmed delivery schedule and quantity from our MIDORI distributor. 

I have a lot of thoughts after coming home and I am writing on my journal a lot... Hopefully I have some downtime soon so I can finish editing rest of the images from our trip and share our memory from those moments.  



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