Saturday, September 26, 2015

A week with the little ones

This week I was on my own with girls while Frido traveled to Singapore for his business trip. Some part of me worried how things were going to go since Frido and I spread pretty evenly in parenting. Some part of me just wanted to go with the flow and see what happens instead of worrying about what might or might not happen.

It turned out everything kind of went okay. We had ups and downs (trust me on this one) but we worked together to figure out the solutions whenever we encountered issues and kept going. Hardest part for me was making sure that everyone got to where they needed to be "on time" with their water bottles and food. I am totally living up the "soccer mom mini van" dream here with 2 different schools to drive to + afternoon activities.  A lot of breakfast and snack prep happened the night before which I am not used to doing... and I do feel like I was constantly either cooking or washing dishes. And I run out of shirts to wear so I borrowed few T-shirts from Frido on Friday and Saturday. (we have a lot of laundry to fold tomorrow) Having an incredibly supportive community around us definitely helped. It also made a difference that I was at home all week instead of checking in at the studio. I worked remotely early in the morning and mainly late into the evening between 10pm-1am after putting the girls to sleep and taking an involuntary but much needed evening nap. By staying close to home, I felt less divided with my time and also with my mental space. I was just more connected with Satchi and Coco and on the same wave length most of the time. 

Satchi caught cold today... and I am hoping for a speedily recovery since both of them are so looking forward to heading to the airport tomorrow! 

I hope everyone had a lovely week. Next week I am looking forward to continuing to stay connected with our 2 girls... and actually have some time in the studio to update our new collection! 


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