Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taking steps for keeping my health & wellness in check

Happy September! 
I am starting this week with a goal of walking 10,000 steps everyday. This is one of my very very tiny steps I am taking to get my health & wellness on a higher priority between everything that is going on in our everyday lives. 

Before... I would make a really ambitious goal (like go to yoga every morning at 5:30am). It lasts about a month... then I just can't keep up with it. So this time... I am keeping it something tangible, real and measurable. 

10K steps doesn't seem like much but it is surprising hard for me to get to in a daily basis. I have to make a lot of conscious decisions throughout the day in order to reach the goal and it's a good thing. I am hoping... by walking more... I will have slightly healthier appetite so I will stop skipping lunch and just feel healthier over all.

What is your September looking like? Settling down? Setting new goals for the last quarter of the year? 

And if you have kids and run very busy lives, how do you squeeze your exercise in?? 


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