Sunday, October 18, 2015

powering through!

This feels crazy... but I am starting to really learn that October is our entry way to holiday seasons. No more fussing around and feeling overwhelmed for me. It's time to focus and power through the days until we get through December. On my shop days, I have been working pretty long hours fulfilling orders, updating our website, keeping up with bookkeeping... but it helps me feel more balanced that I have a lot of non-work days when I get to spend time with Satchi and Coco at home.

If you haven't visited our shop recently... we are adding a lot of beautiful artifacts to our collection. We are loving Classiky items so much (and there are still more to be updated!!) and ATELEIA pens and new recycled leather design from Roterfaden in light grey and dark grey!

Most importantly... I am digging the new found energy and inspiration after coming home from RISE festival last weekend.

I hope your day is going well. Sending you warm thoughts from our Los Angeles home and studio:)


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