Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Be kind to others... but also be kind to yourself.

When I wear so many hats everyday (at home... and at Baum-kuchen), the idea of taking care of myself becomes really really low on my priority list. I skip meals often and stay up too late working at night. But I am trying to change that little bit at a time. Because in order to love someone fully, we need to fill our heart. So on my days at home, I am slowing down here and there. I am grateful that kids bring those moments to come alive. Because without them, I will probably be still working.

I also started experimenting with a guided meditation app. My friend recommended Headspace app on iPhone and so far I am loving it. Just spending the first few minutes of my day with myself feels really really good to me.

I know we are diving into November and I am excited to spend the last 2 months of 2015 full and mindful at the same time.


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