Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thoughts on analogue system for 2016

Every year between October-December... I spend a lot of time thinking and imagining what my next year's analogue system look and feel like. I LOVE this process every year as it gives me a chance to look back, reflect and dream how it could be... and it always ends up becoming a diagram so I can make sense out of the system. So this is what I am thinking about... for 2016!!

Traveler's Notebook: It will continue to be my wallet and planner and will go everywhere with me. My core inserts will be monthly planner (dated) as a master planner, weekly vertical planner (undated / TN18) for detailed scheduling when I get to the week and Essential leather insert as my wallet. I enjoyed being able to add and subtract extra refill notebook as needed. This fall I really needed to be journaling for a personal growth so I had extra Pan am grid notebook. Now I went back to my core inserts... and I love how it feels compact today:)

Roterfaden: I am going to make some changes with Roterfaden. I am hoping that it will become my personal hub for reflection. I am planning to carry 2 notebooks in my Roterfaden Dark Brown Leather Cover. MD 2016 Monthly/Weekly notebook for documenting life with family and Hobonichi Avec for personal journaling. MD Monthly/Weekly notebook will probably be thicker as I am planning to put tons of pictures and additional collaging to make this notebook become our family archive of memory... and I am hoping to keep my Hobonichi Avec slim mainly just with words.

I LOVE that Roterfaden will help me streamline the number of notebooks I will be carrying.

Stalogy 365: For Baum-kuchen notes and ideas. I am going to keep the format of this notebook flexible. Who knows... maybe after finishing the last page of this notebook, I will move into A4 format for more space! I am totally open for what feels right when I finish this notebook! 

As of today... This is what I am thinking and I am pretty excited:) What's your plan for 2016?? Any new ideas to organize, archive and inspire your everyday?? I would LOVE to hear:)



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