Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mailed with love via Baum-kuchen

As a shop owner/curator, I live and breathe the life of Baum-kuchen. It's the air I have LOVED inhaling for last 5.5 years. Most of the day... it's a beautiful repetition... rhythm of what we know. Taking orders, fulfilling... and shipping them. I love the process... it's soothing and meditating to put together something special to send out from our door. 

Between all the normal days...  there is a day that comes with a crazy dose of excitement. Yesterday was little bit like that. Towards the end of last year, I made a huge leap of faith to place an order for Baum-kuchen original masking tape as well as our own shipping tapes. I don't know why it took me so long to place these orders... but emotionally I was not quite ready to have rolls and rolls of custom shipping tapes in our storage beforehand. 

Yesterday everything was delivered at the doorsteps after weeks of anticipation. Our masking tapes (from Lumi), new BK stamps to kraft shipping tape (from Uline). I loved that it came on Friday when we were all there at the studio. I pretty much jumped around and gave high five to everyone in the room throughout the day. 

I took some snapshots of the packages that are leaving from our studio today to share some of the new BK unwrapping experience using the new analogue BK artifacts. 

I love that all these little new artifacts are ingredients for our team to get inspired when they prepare orders. Each package will probably look slightly different depending on the items inside. But I trust that everyone on our team will be putting a great deal of thoughts and mindfulness when they seal the each package.  

I hope you enjoy opening the next BK package when the time comes... and I hope we get to continue sharing these special milestones with you. 



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