Sunday, January 10, 2016

Reality is relative / Cirque du Soleil "KURIOS"

Today we had a chance to visit Cirque du Soleil "KURIOS" performance at Dodger Stadium. I have always been a huge fun of the company (a definite love affair of 20 years) and was thrilled to share the performance with the girls. We don't have TV at home so live performance and event like this is really a huge source of entertainment and inspiration. I forgot how intimate the "circus tent" feels when we see the performance compared to the ones at theater. We really felt like we were there seeing all the details up-close and being a part of the moment.

I was particularly excited about the theme of this show - Cabinet of Curiosities - as we hope to continue to nurture the curiosity amongst us. Also there was a lot of steampunk reference to the visuals and story line and we LOVE that from our never ending love for analogue.

Both Satchi and Coco were really intrigued and sat through the entire show with great dose of engagement. The tag line on their website "Reality is all relative" really sums it up. Each moment was nothing like we have ever seen... and amount of creativity that went into putting this performance together was beyond imaginable. Coco kept clapping her hands with her bright eyes... and Satchi was totally mystified by all the details including amazing singer and her live performance. It was such an inspiration... that the world is a combination of what we know and what we don't know. And a reminder of how it feels when we are moved through creative force from inside... much like when we attended RISE festival last year.

They are visiting different cities this year and you can check out more details about the performance on their website! 


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