Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Giddy about TN 10th Anniversary!

We have had so much fun stocking up TN Camel as well as TN 10th Anniversary items! We shipped all the PRE-ORDER and had small downtime on Friday afternoon so we had little TN 10th Anniversary party at our studio... making these tiny Traveler's Notebook:)

I mean... they are sooo cute!!!

You can pick which refill papers go into your MINI Traveler's Notebook and you will be stapling them together to create your unique refill! We even found a stapler that binds with tiny staples from Amazon thanks to all the great information on IG feed... So if you would like to put together your MINI Traveler's Notebook, you are very very welcome to work at our analogue table!

For now I have tried to attach the MINI TN on my Superior Labor bag as well as my shop apron from 1.61 Soft Goods and can't wait to start using the beautiful tin container to store little treasure!

Did you get your TN 10th Anniversary? How are you using them???



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