Sunday, May 29, 2016

Updates on BK Inspiration with 1.61 Soft Goods (6/18/16)

We are working hard with Diana and Wes of 1.61 Soft Goods to pull together the bits and pieces of our upcoming join Inspiration Lab.

Last Friday, Diana and Wes stopped by BK studio and brought two of their leather emboss machines to prototype samples. These machines are so analogue and beautiful! I can just watch them work on these machines for hours...

I think we are set for all the options we will be offering the day to our Lab participants. If you have Traveler's Notebook, great! Definitely bring them in so you can stamp on your leather cover. We also found out that this process works great with Essential and Portfolio leather insert as well as TN Kraft File. I also tested on MD goad leather cover. It came out beautifully.

You don't own Traveler's Notebook? No worries! We will have a curated collection of raw leather materials you can use to create something unique on the day.

If you are thinking of RSVP, you can do so from this page!


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