Friday, June 17, 2016

BK Camping // Satchi's 6th birthday at El Capitan Canyon

We feel so fortunate to be able to have celebrated Satchi's 6th birthday at El Capitan Canyon last weekend...  and also so grateful that the wild fire that came so close to the area today stopped right at the property borderline. Wow...

Last weekend, we spent 2 nights at their cabin. I asked girls what was their favorite part of the cabin... and of course... it was to sleep on the loft. We love camping in a real tent too but this was such a treat. It felt like being at Disneyland but in a camping way:) And everyone got to sleep through the entire night.

On Satchi's birthday, our friends (aka Snugattack) drove all the way from LA to join us and it made the day extra extra special. Kids pretty much played all day around the fire pit collecting treasure from nature, going inside and outside of the cabin and helping grown-ups making camp fire. I really appreciated that Satchi kept saying that the trip was the best birthday gift for her. She is truly growing and knows and understands how much value Frido and I put in traveling in our family life.

El Capitan, we can't wait to go back there to celebrate more life!


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