Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Field trip // Strawberry picking tour at Tanaka Farm

As summer progress, I look forward to sharing some fun activities we might stumble up in/around Los Angeles area! Yesterday we took one one of those spontaneous day trip with my family + girls to Tanaka Farm in Irvine to join their Strawberry Tour.

Our girls really enjoyed the wagon ride through the farm, trying all kinds of different vegetables in season (raw sweet corn was a huge hit as well as carrots!!) and picking strawberry at their field (and eating them as we picked!!). Coco really wanted to take all her picked strawberries home to share with Frido and it was such a sweet gesture. Satchi was totally thrilled that her hands were stained in strawberry red afterward... and she is planning to use her picked strawberry for her birthday cake this weekend:)

If you do go to Tanaka farm, I think hitting the strawberry tour during week will be much easier and less crowded than trying to go on the weekends. We needed to make a reservation and get to 10am tour (which was the only tour on the day) in rush but it was totally worth it!

not bad for Tuesday morning:)

Happy beginning of summer to everyone!


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