Monday, September 5, 2016

Learning from the world... with our girls

I never realized the significance of "back to school" until Satchi started her kindergarten last year. It was such a shift from carefree summer to more structured schedule with the sign of fall.

This year... we are doing things little differently. This year we decided to take a break from being a part of the school system and do learning more independently. In the most general term..., we are now categorized as "homeschooling" family. We started the transition a while ago but three weeks ago, our new way of learning started officially. 

There are many reasons why we decided to do things differently and the decision-making journey was probably one of the most engaged soul-searching processes we went through as a young family. One of the question we asked ourselves a lot was "do we only have certain ways to learn or is learning organic?" Of course. There are so many different answers to this and I hope every family has their own unique answers that define who they are. For us... the answer was, "There might be a whole another world of learning that's not entirely driven by standardized tests and everyone learning at the same pace... Let's give a shot." 

Our goal as a family is to be open-minded, creative, to keep traveling... and most importantly to have fun learning together from all over the world. 

I am pretty sure you will continue to see a lot of our homeschooling adventures on our IG account as well as here on our blog. I am curious to also see how our new lifestyle inspires our Baum-kuchen in a big picture. 

For now... here are some snapshots I captured from last few weeks!

p.s. These pictures are captured during our happy moments.We do have ups and downs. (trust me on this one) But most of the time, we are pretty happy:) 


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