Saturday, April 15, 2017

Celebrating the season with TN Anniversary Tin Can!

Happy Easter weekend! 
I hope you are feeling the warmth of spring. Our friend Susan shared some fun ideas for TN Anniversary Tin container with the twist of this spring season. 

I love how versatile and cheerful these containers are. If you have an unused tin can sitting on your desk... (and you are wondering what you might use it for), definitely bring it out to your living and dining space and fill the container with seasonal goodies. I can totally imagine filling the nature finds from the walk as well as decorative seasonal props to celebrate the special occasions. 

If you are up for sharing these occasions, fill the can with goodies and ship it to your family and friends! The sturdy tin can is perfect for keeping what's inside safe during the delivery... and imagine how fun it would be to open the lid with surprise contents:)

Susan! Thank you, for sharing these colorful ideas. 


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