Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Organize your analogue collection with TN 10th Anniversary tin can

Seeing my favorite analogue collection all lined up in a neat way feels incredibly soothing when my day feels chaotic and full.

I am in the process of simplifying my analogue tools at home but seeing Eunice's pictures of how I can use the TN 10th Anniversary tin container to organize washi tapes as well as rubber stamps made my heart jump. I love the splash of fun vintage colors which containers can add to space and it's just the right size to have 2 rows of favorite washi tapes or a collection of rubber stamps (or why not a mix of both?!).

The best part is to be able to carry these containers from one room to another without making a big mess... and keeping the tablespace organized and sane while working on the journal spared.

What analogue collection will you be keeping in this container??

photographs by Eunice (aka the Daily Roe)


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