Thursday, November 15, 2012

A bit of art and design is good for a 2 year old:)

Who would have thought that a design school campus could be so much fun for 2 year old?? (Definitely not when I was pulling all-nighters to get my degree...)

Roo and I had an open day so decided to make a visit to Art Center. We knew that FB's Creative Strategy class had a fun assignment so we headed straight to the hallway! For their assignment, students in his class created tape drawing pieces using only black tapes just like what transportation designer do. The only thing is that none of the students belong to Transportation Design major. Some piece looked quite poetic and it was fun listening to all the buzz around the assignment:)

Roo and I walked through the hallway together to guess what each tape drawing was about. It totally made me realize that she is ready to visit some of the local museums! We can look at art and talk about it in the 2 year old appropriate way.

Afterward we headed out to the grassy area and looked at some sculptures (a giant mosaic ball!!), had a spontaneous lunch with FB and our Art Center friends... then played little more with rocks and run up and down the slopes (not me just Roo).

A good day:)


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