Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food adventure: Taiwanese breakfast

We somehow managed to get up super early on Saturday morning... so we decided to have a mini breakfast adventure! We were really in the mood for dim sum... but I read somewhere that dim sum can give greasy after taste so we opted for Four Sea Restaurant, a Taiwanese breakfast place in San Gabriel.

I was warned by all of Yelp reviews that they spoke very little English... so I armed myself with a piece of paper with all the things I would like to order for three of us. We knew that their food was as authentic as they got when we stood on the line to order food along with other customers who mostly only spoke Taiwanese!

We shared a sticky rice (like rice burrito), a pork bun, an egg pancake, warm almond milk and a fried doughnut. I have to admit that I still got greasy after taste... but they were delicious and Roo tried most everything (but her definite favorite was an egg pancake). FB and I talked about our trip to Hong Kong 5 years ago... and how we ate our breakfast on the street. Such a fun memory...

I am thankful that my duo didn't mind taking the little adventure with me:)


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