Thursday, November 1, 2012

Treasure from traveling

Last few weeks... I've been dreaming about this amazing island in Japan so I dedicated our small corner in our house for our treasure from the island.

I love the depth of green in the forest paintings done by Yakushima resident artist Yuko-san... I also never take my "time flower" ring designed and made by Kei-san (also Yuko-san's husband who writes amazing blog with a seasonal photos from the island). The ring is inspired by the novel Momo... and it's such an important story to me.

I guess travel does this to our mind... it brings all these amazing inspiration to our life.

The goal is not to be traveling all the time (or wishing to be traveling)... but to let the treasure from the travel shine in our everyday. I love how these turquoise treasure shines in our Southern California home.


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