Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas with polaroid

I hope you are enjoying a lovely holiday weekend!
We celebrated Christmas Eve in German way... cooking special 3-course dinner for Christmas Eve (thank you Frido!), opening gifts before the dinner with a bell... then enjoying the lingering Christmas air for the rest of night...

We took a few test photos using a vintage SX-70 Polaroid camera we purchased for my little sister! We were pretty happy that the camera actually worked (you never know for the e-bay purchase, right??) but also the quality of films from the Impossible Project!

No... they are not photo perfect pictures but there is something about its quality, the conscious effort we have to make in order to take a good picture because each film counts..., and the anticipation of the film development process... So opposite of our digital cameras!

Our friends Erin and Courtney are taking a picture/day of their daughter using Impossible Film ever since she was born... It's pretty cool! (you can see their photos on their blog here!)

We might look for our own SX-70 Polaroid... to capture some of our special moments. They just feel... so captivating and precious.


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