Friday, December 21, 2012

Quieting down

Now that most of the holiday shopping has finished for my customers, things around the house is starting to get quieter. In Japan the end of the year is dedicated to a closure (massive cleaning of the house is involved)... while it seems to be all about family and celebration in the U.S.

I am little bit stuck in between. A part of me wants to finish wrapping special gifts for the family... and other part of me wants to clean and organize.

This makes me get nothing done... so this year I am just slowing down and tackling what I can do... as I feel like it... and tell myself that is enough. Rest of the day is simply saved for Roo and FB and that just feels perfect.

I want to send a special thank you to my lovely customers who kindly thought of Baum-Kuchen as a place to order important gifts for loved ones. Holiday season is busy time for us but it always makes me so happy to hear stories about how these items will create such a special meaning when they are opened. So thank you and thank you:)

We will be making another shipment tomorrow for all orders taken between Wednesday till today and will take a few days off till December 28th to enjoy the company of family, the love and our sacred rituals to get ready for the end of year. I might blog here and there to share some updates... we'll see.

I wish everyone a very special weekend and Christmas for those who celebrate the occasion. May the following days filled with warmth and love from inside...




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