Monday, December 10, 2012

December weekend

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Ours was ups and downs... Downs mostly came from us getting sick... I woke up with a scratchy sore throat on Saturday morning which made me stay in bed most of Saturday... then Roo got a painful ear infection symptom on Sunday afternoon which was even more painful to watch.

Thankfully..., she woke up this morning with a smile and a sunshine song and was ready to go to school so a dreadful visit to a doctor's office has been avoided so far. I hope all our family and friends get some break from December cold/flu that is going around here!

Between all that, we managed to squeeze some fun holiday prep time! Tree picking (which I missed because I was in bed), decoration and cookie making with our friends!

Our tree is quite modest in the shiny department... but I love how each ornament has so much meaning to us... It just feels like us:)

And I am so happy that our brave friend had two toddlers make cookies!!  Flour everywhere on the kitchen floor!!! Although, after 30 minutes of little ones plus mamas trying and (and mostly ending with error), the dad took over and finished them beautifully. I am glad he came along with us:) What do we do without papa, right?

The shop is really busy with everyone finishing up with their holiday shopping! If you are planning to still get some items for gifts, please please order soon!! I will do my best to get them to you and your loved ones as quickly as possible once order is placed... but there are simply some stuff I might not be able to change with a magic wand! 

p.s. check out Roo's outfit on the first photo!!! I have very little saying in what she wears these days...; thus, a mixture of everything thrown into one look! I am just happy that she is warm enough.


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