Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden oasis... inspired by CAMP

One of the places we visited with Susan and Kent in Orange County was a uniquely curated outdoor mall, CAMP in Costa Mesa. Some of the shops in the complex was fun and interesting but I was more inspired by their outdoor landscapes and communal areas. They did such an amazing job in crafting unique corners everywhere throughout the property... it felt like every detail was a photo shoot worthy. I took some iPhone photos to share!

Since we finished our patio a month ago, we have been spending so much more time in the backyard... and ever since I left CAMP, I've been daydreaming about making a secret oasis hidden somewhere in our garden. Somewhere I can walk to and sit down to meditate and find peace... away from home and daily routines. Any big idea for the garden takes long time to manifest itself... so I started a Pinterest board to start collecting some thoughts and inspiration.

I can't wait to create a very special corner in our backyard... one plat at a time:)


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