Monday, April 29, 2013

last seven days...

Frido is off from Art Center for three weeks... so we are enjoying some grown-up daytime outings while Roo goes to her school. It's amazing to feel the amount of inspiration, visions, ideas... we can share when we have some time to downshift. We are loving our lunch dates (way to save some evening babysitter expenses) and visited The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister (which totally deserves a separate blog post in the near future).

I am also working quite a bit... We officially have a Baum-kuchen pre-baby to-do list and I am simply crossing my fingers that our little one gives us enough weeks (or days) for us to get it done. If she comes early...'s not the end of the world, I suppose.

After having a rather busy week, we shut down completely on Sunday and spent the entire day in the garden. Just three of us. I am glad I can still work in the garden pulling weeds out... with this belly. It was probably the best day of the week:)

p.s. I am getting ready to launch the second email newsletter (I would like to call it "Baum-kuchen love letter"...) soon. If you are interested in receiving the letter in your email inbox, please subscribe through our website! (link here) I am aiming to send one letter/month with original contents!

more photos after jump!


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