Monday, April 8, 2013

Obsessed... in making

We are getting into the overdrive of "making" phase. The word I should probably use to describe my current status is "obsession".

There is one project that is so close to getting it perfect... like we are at 95% completion... and I am absolutely obsessed to make it happen. When I get into this "make it happen" mode, my brain tend to want to choose to work... instead of eat, sleep or relax. I used to go with the flow and never took a break... before I became a parent (and yes... I was also younger...). In one hand, I am happy that I still have the drive within me... on the other hand, I am also very thankful that I have a family now to help me stop at the healthy point. Even though I wish I could work more hours, I stop to prepare dinner for the family and go to bed at descent time... because I know Roo will be up with her full energy when 7am comes around. I know my body actually thanks for those decisions:)

So here are some of our work-in-progress photos from recent development! Yes. It will be made of felt (the highest quality we could find:)! It will have some colors... and also ears:)

As we go through the last bit of refinement, I enjoy finding bits and pieces of solutions to make this project come to life. I really can not wait to launch it soon!

Please stay tuned:)



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