Monday, September 9, 2013

Last 14 days...

Aside from traveling to Ojai/Ventura, we kept ourselves VERY busy during last 14 days. Moving and preparing our Baum-kuchen shop/studio has been in full swing. Mainly Frido did all the making and moving of the shop and I organized inventory and kept up with day-to-day operation (and kept the girls away from all the madness)! Did I mention Frido is amazing??? I can't wait to share everything he created and envisioned in our humble space. It is very special:)

Before and after our Ojai trip, I took our girls to my parents house to spend some quality Japanese time with my family. Roo quickly picked up few Japanese words when we got there and Coco was chatting away with everyone (in her baby voice... of course). Most of time Frido and I are pretty much on our own raising our girls but I am reminded how lovely to have a village to raise our girls even for a short weekend.

I hope everyone in LA stays cool through this crazy heat wave... and make the most of the lasting summer! I am kind of hoping for more pool time with Roo... since she is really starting to pick up on her swimming skill.

Frido goes back teaching this week... which will bring a whole new schedule for the family to adjust to... plus my new commute to the shop... and Roo starting a new school year. Yep... a lot happening!

Let's see what the new week brings!


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