Sunday, September 8, 2013

What a real travel brings to life...

All through this summer, we shared a lot of ideas and thoughts about travel through Baum-kuchen love letter (if you are interested, you can subscribe to our love letter here:) I enjoyed thinking about travel while caring and nurturing nature of welcoming a little baby kept us very close to home throughout the summer.

We knew that 2013 will not be a big traveling year for us... but as our Coco grew little by little, we knew that we could take her for her very first adventure.

Last week we stepped out Los Angeles... to enjoy slower time in Ojai. As a happy luck, we were able to bring Michael, Frido's father from Germany who just came back from Burning Man, to Ojai with us! It was definitely a big production and I was little anxious to see how it would all work out. (I mean... we never took Coco further than 5 miles radius from our home in last three months!!)

Just like Los Angeles, Ojai ended up being VERY hot during our stay. So my dream to play in the pool with Roo while we picnic under the poolside tree quickly became pretty uncomfortable for everyone... so we drove 30 minutes every afternoon to enjoy the cool sea breeze in Ventura. I was little sad about the change of plan... but in a way needing to shift my original ideas I had in my head helped me to be more spontaneous and stay present... and I know I will remember these moments we created together more vividly than the one I scripted in my head ahead of time... That's what "travel" is all about, right?

I am looking forward to sharing some inspiring spots we visited throughout our trip on our next love letter and I am happy to have come home with some amazing takeaways even it was short and sweet!

Now I am ready to begin our brick and mortar adventure here in Glassell Park!




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